Port Morris Distillery

780 E 133rd St, Bronx, NY 10454, USA
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Distillery of Puerto Rican Moonshine in the South Bronx. Free tasting hours and tours of the distillery.

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The Port Morris Distillery (PMD) produces and distributes Pitorro, the moonshine of Puerto Rico, a rum production since the 1600’s with sugar cane (molasses) as its primary ingredient, and a main product grown in Puerto Rico during that time. Pitorro is much stronger than a commercial rum surpassing the common alcohol of 80 or 90 proof. Pitorro is also known by other names such as lagrimas del monte (mountain tears), lagrimas de mangle (mangroves tears) and Cañita (sugar cane).

Today the molasses is replaced by brown sugar & fermented fruits (coconut, pineapple, raisins, tamarind among others) that give Pitorro its distinct Caribbean flavor.

Free tasting hours and tours of the distillery.

september, 2021

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