860 Melrose Ave, Bronx, NY 10451, USA
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West African cuisine in the heart of Melrose.

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Rich, deeply flavored sauces filled out with a few vegetables and poured over chicken, fish, or lamb, all served in patterned soup bowls with a platter of rice topped with a cooked Scotch bonnet chili meant to provide spice as needed.

Lunch options include tomato stew, or sauce claire, which is deep red with tomatoes cooked down for hours. Another in regular rotation is the bright orange “palm stew, or sauce graine, made with thick palm nut cream made from pressing the seeds from West African palms.

Also, try a bottle of sweet purple sorrel-ade, made from hibiscus flower, or an extra spicy ginger juice, sometimes served so cold it’s almost a ginger slushie.

september, 2021

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