Franz Sigel Park

613 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451, USA
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This urban green space, named for a German immigrant & teacher, offers baseball & basketball courts

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Franz Sigel Park figures in early Bronx history, and is named after educator, soldier, journalist, and public official, Franz Sigel (1824-1902), a patriot both of his native land of Germany and in his adopted home in the United States. The west slope of the park (Walton Avenue) was once part of a path used by local Indians. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington, Count de Rochambeau, and their respective American and French military staffs, used a high rocky ridge at the site to monitor the movements of British troop camped alongside the Harlem River. In 1885 most of the land that became the park was purchased by the City of New York from Gerard and Mary Walton. The name of their estate, Cedar Grove, inspired the park’s original name, Cedar Park. An additional parcel was assigned to Parks in 1943, when part of a former street was closed.

september, 2021

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