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238 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451, USA
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Food Bazaar is a Bogopa family-owned company that operates several full-service supermarkets in the Bronx and larger Tri-State metropolitan areas under the brand name “Food Bazaar.”

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Food Bazaar prides itself on going to great lengths in order to provide each of the communities that we serve with the flavors that they love and recall from “back home.” In fact, it is our passion! We devote aisles of space to international and mainstream groceries, dairy/frozen items, a full-service fish market within most of our stores and a custom cutting meat department. Our stores are located in many different neighborhoods, each vibrant with numerous ethnicities and nationalities, and their corresponding cultures and flavors.

In addition, we make it our priority to enter so-called “underserved” communities that other major supermarket chains flee from. While those chains may not be interested in providing these communities with high-quality products at low prices, we make it our duty because we know that everybody deserves to feed their families with high-quality, affordable food.

We don’t just sell groceries. Instead, we take the time to learn the intricacies of the many cultures that we serve. Not every community is the same. Thus, as examples, we are able to provide the Peruvian family with papa seca in order to make a comforting dish of carapulca and the Guatemalan family with plantains in order to create rellenitos de platano. If a family from Mexico requires huitlacoche to make tamales the way they did back home, we actively seek it out and provide it! We understand that “Home” is not just a fading memory of a distant land, but something that can be re-created and experienced every night at the family dinner table. That’s why we’re always searching for new connections throughout the world in order to bring the highest-quality ingredients to our customers. And when these tenacious efforts are successful, it makes us feel that we have given special meaning to the phrase “Welcome Home.”

september, 2021

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