El Maestro, Inc.

1300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10459, USA
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El Maestro is a community endeavor to transform a social void into a valuable resource space that functions as a social and cultural center for the entire community. Boxing and cultural programming.

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El Maestro, Inc. Is a sport, cultural and educational oasis in the heart of the South Bronx named in honor Puerto Rican Patriot, Don Pedro Albizu Campos (“El Maestro”), where all aspects of Puerto Rican culture, history and identity are nurtured, developed and made available to the community of New York City? We focus on grassroots community activism as a means of strengthening our community.

Our athletic facility, named El Maestro Boxing Gym is home to professionals, amateurs and youngsters looking to get a good workout or just to get in shape in a safe environment.

Cultural & Artistic Development Program (CADP):

El Maestro: Cultural & Educational Center provides members with resources and facilities to develop cultural and artistic skill and abilities. The Program includes a variety of on-going artistic workshops and activities:
• Puerto Rican Roots Music performances (monthly)
• Afro-Puerto Rican Dance & Percussion Classes (weekly)
• Resident Musical Ensembles (weekly rehearsals)
• Educational Video Presentations (monthly)
• Art Exhibitions (monthly)
• Spoken Word/Poetry Open Mic & Showcase (monthly)

El Maestro Youth Empowerment Program (EMYEP):

El Maestro encourages youth leadership through our Youth Projected Maestro’s goal is to promote the healthy development of young people in sports and in general, and also to promote an enhance the resilience of youth and their families and that assesses and addresses risk factors advisement, parent and school consultation, family assistance, advocacy, recreation programs, resource development, and education.

september, 2021

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