About South Bronx X South Bronx

As the name implies, South Bronx X South Bronx (SBXSB) is a community-led project geared to proactively take ownership of our cultural and historical narrative in order to reorient and educate the world about our contributions, distinct idiosyncrasies, and the long-standing regional resources we have in our communities, and offer it up from our own point-of-view with pride, tenacity, and unapologetically.

The SBXSB portal is a “community action” initiative administered by the Bronx Culture Collective Collective (BxCC).

South Bronx Cultural Calendar & Community Resource Map: The relational database where aggregated event listings are posted and accessed by community stakeholders and patrons. This powerful knowledge base is integrated into a geo-tagged assets map that not only facilitates immediate regional location orientation but also provides crucial information about the community landscape and the resources in the region. This system gains added “places and spaces” on an ongoing basis as a result of our “stakeholder-led submission process.” And who better to inventory a community’s valuable assets than those who live and work there?

South Bronx Culture Key: The stakeholder’s registration card—the catalyst for receiving the cultural benefits and how to “remain in-the-know” of what is taking place in the South Bronx. The “key” provides up-to-date event info that is maintained directly by the South Bronx-based arts/culture creatives who want you to attend their amazing presentations and events.

The Bronx DNA Project: A compilation of the  historical index that showcases the region’s major milestones in a dynamic user-friendly timeline. The vast array of topics covered will include modern interpretations that include input from area residents, community leaders, and the stakeholder who lived through the incidents, providing an updated and grounded context. This cross-relational tool will connect to both previously established sources of information, as well as new streams of data including oral histories, contemporary documentation, and related digitized ephemera.

These are OUR Stories. This is OUR history. This is OUR DNA.

Soft beta launch; publicity campaign begins. 2/1/18: Beta period ends. 3/20/18: Kickoff of South Bronx Culture Key / Launch of The Bronx DNA Project.

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