Bronx Culture Collective (BXCC)
Mission: The Bronx Culture Collective is a network committed to preserving and amplifying the cultural community and legacy of the South Bronx. Maxim: Preserving & Amplifying the Cultural DNA of the South Bronx.

Banana Kelly, CIA, Inc.
Banana Kelly is a grassroots, community-based organization with a long history of rebuilding devastated neighborhoods in the South Bronx. Banana Kelly has strived to make important changes in the lives of its residents through the provision of affordable housing, social services, and educational opportunities. Its innovative practices have won awards both nationally and internationally.

Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA)
Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) is a private, non-profit membership organization that has been the official cultural agency of Bronx County since 1962. Recognized nationally as a leading arts service organization in providing cultural services and arts programs, BCA serves a multicultural constituency of almost 1.4 million residents. BCA provides an array of services to 5,000 artists and more than 250 arts and community-based organizations.

Bronx Documentary Center
The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) is a non-profit gallery and educational space. Our mission is to share photography, film and new media with underserved Bronx communities and the cultural community at large. We use these mediums to foster dialogue around contemporary local, national and global issues.

Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets, based in the South Bronx, develops movement-based projects through long term initiatives, integrating rigorous inquiry, artistic exploration, deep community engagement, and the nurturing of urban artists.

En Foco
En Foco, Inc. is a non-profit that supports contemporary primarily U.S.-based photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage. Founded in 1974, En Foco makes their work visible to the art world, yet remains accessible to under-serviced communities. Through exhibitions, workshops, events and publications, it provides professional recognition, honoraria and assistance to photographers as they grow into different stages of their careers.

Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture
Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture is a performing arts and visual arts center located within Hostos Community College in the South Bronx, New York City. Hostos Center consists of a museum-grade art gallery, a 367-seat repertory theater, and a 884-seat main theater. The building design is the work of the architectural firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates who was honored with the 1988 Excellence in Design Award from the Art Commission of the City of New York for their design.

Mothers on the Move (MOM)
Mothers on the Move / Madres en Movimiento (MOM) is a member-led community organization which was founded in 1992 as a vehicle for low-income people of color to take strategic leadership in campaigns to transform ourselves and our communities. MOM envisions a society where resources and benefits are equally shared, and where people play a role in community decision-making in proportion to the degree they are affected.  We are fighting for a South Bronx where future generations have clean air, well-resourced & community-controlled schools, safe streets, green space, good jobs and more control over the wealth that their labor creates.

Following years of enterprising activity on stage and in the community, Pregones Theater and Puerto Rican Traveling Theater recently merged into a single Latino arts organization with performance venues in The Bronx and Manhattan. The transformation builds upon congruence of mission, values, and programs, and sustained engagement of a growing network of diverse artists and audiences throughout and beyond New York City. Moving forward, Pregones/PRTT champions a cultural legacy of broad impact through (1) creation and performance of original musical theater and plays rooted in Puerto Rican/Latino cultures, and (2) presentation of other artists who share our twin commitment to the arts and civic enrichment.

The Literary Freedom Project
The Literary Freedom Project, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit arts organization that supports the literary arts through education, creative thinking, and new media. The Literary Freedom Project publishes Mosaic Literary Magazine; develops literature-based lesson plans; and hosts the Re:Verse Literary Conference & Festival, an annual literature-education conference.

The Laundromat Project
We amplify the creativity that already exists within communities by using arts and culture to build community networks, solve problems, and enhance our sense of ownership in the places where we live, work, and grow.  We envision a world in which artists are understood as valuable assets in every community and everyday people know the power of their own creative capacity to transform their lives, their relationships, and their surroundings.

The Point CDC
THE POINT Community Development Corporation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. We work with our neighbors to celebrate the life and art of our community, an area traditionally defined solely in terms of its poverty, crime rate, poor schools and substandard housing. We believe the area’s residents, their talents and aspirations, are THE POINT’s greatest assets. THE POINT offers a multi-faceted approach to asset-based community development. It’s programming falls within three main headings – Youth Development, Arts and Culture and Community Development – all aimed at the comprehensive revitalization of Hunts Point.

Save Our Streets (South Bronx)
Save Our Streets S.O.S. South Bronx builds upon a model pioneered in Chicago called CeaseFire that has been documented to reduce gun violence. We are a demonstration project of the Center for Court Innovation. The Center for Court Innovation, a project of the Fund for the City of New York, is a unique public-private partnership that promotes new thinking about how courts and criminal justice agencies can aid victims, change the behavior of offenders, and strengthen communities. The Center creates demonstration projects that test new approaches to problems that have resisted conventional solutions.

South Bronx Unite
South Bronx Unite is a coalition of South Bronx residents, organizations, and allies working together to improve and protect the social, environmental and economic future of the South Bronx.

WE STAY / Nos Quedamos (BxCC fiscal conduit)
WE STAY / Nos Quedamos is a non-profit community development corporation comprised of residents, homeowners, and business owners from the South Bronx who are committed to promoting, supporting, and advancing ideas of healthy and sustainable growth, both for local communities and the larger society.

Young Urban Christian & Artist Inc. (YUCA Arts)
YUCA Arts is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization in The Bronx. We conduct an extra-curricular program whose mission is to educate and empower youth in ways that lead to heightened school engagement and higher aspirations for the future. YUCA’s six-month certificate-based program teaches graphic arts technology, design and computer software instruction. Workshops include drawing, painting, Illustration techniques, and mural painting.

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA).

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (Founding Funder)
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is the largest municipal funder of culture in the country and is committed to providing access to art and culture for all New Yorkers. BxCC was initially funded by DCLA’s Building Community Capacity (BCC) initiative for an 18-month cycle (2015-2017).

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